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Grizzled Grappler started as an idea that I wanted to bring to life, that I finally did in 2020. I started selling shirts to my friends and family, even doing fundraising using the brand for my son. I have incredibly high hopes and ideas for this brand. We are currently in the works to bring you grappling content and a fresh apparel brand for the Grizzled Grappler. Please stay up to date by following us on our social media platforms



My name is John, I am a purple belt under Ken Kronenberg at Tai Kai, Team Balance in Syracuse, New York. I started Jiu-jitsu in 2015 at Tai Kai after years of watching my children on the sidelines. Since then I have lost 70+lbs, jiu-jitsu has genuinely saved my life, given me a lifetime of memories and brought my family closer as My daughter and I are purple belts, while my wife and son are both blue belts. My family is also incredibly involved with wrestling as my daughter wrestled, now coaches and son currently wrestling freestyle/folkstyle/greco. This is a family run lifestyle and apparel brand. I Hope to bring this brand into the world of grappling

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